Monday, April 12, 2010


I buy nylon. TONS AND TONS of nylon. As in the magazine, not the pantyhose.
Anyways, so its just an awesome magazine. Just AWESOME. in some respects i can't find ways to get over it.
Today i made this collage for Nylon and i am hoping to get it into the magazine.
OK, so i am going to openly admit that the main reason that i am writing a blog is my aspiration to be discovered by Nylon and featured. For like a paragraph of its bible like pages.

I guess its just i would feel such a sense of accomplishment if my writing was included in a project such as Nylon. I don't know, i sound crazy but it is my insane aspiration.
I refuse to believe that freedom and dreams are achieved through money. Yeah, having awesome clothing and incredible cameras would give me a chance, but i think that with some kick ass writing and a couple of inspiring photos, my dream will be fulfilled.


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