Sunday, May 9, 2010


Don't take yourself to seriously in life, it's not like you're going to make it out alive.

Monday, May 3, 2010

List 4:

Things i deserve a trophy for.

1. Ideas. I conjure up fantastic elaborate ideas that rarely make it off the paper. I think of magical and fabulous designs, that aren't necessarily able to translate into English words. Does that make any sense to you? Maybe this is one of those ideas.

2. Coming up with Witty comebacks. I've come a Long way since grade five where my staple was : "when you were born the Apocalypse happened!" and then running a way cowardly to the back of the handball court. I skipped the 'yo mama' stage (never liked those.) Then, i went through the whole introduction to sarcasm, which was like a metaphorical heaven for me. But, i still believe when in doubt, to just scream and run. It freaks your enemy out and you get away, smooth as silk. I think.

3. Baking. I like to eat, and i like to bake. I love that creamy texture of a cake batter after mixing it in that awesome hand held thing, and then dropping droplet by droplet of food coloring, dying the white mixture like poison. I love the smell and the colours, the eruptions of flavour and warmth in the mouth. The cute little cupcake sheets with flowers and hearts on them and the endless choice of icing tubes.

4. Photos. I like photography, and frankly, i believe i have a knack for it. That could just be my blind view of editing mindless photos here and there, and having sudden inspiration. Only problem is, i don't take photos as i go. I go to take photos. So sometimes there just a little to Styrofoam.

5. starting projects. Yeah, I'm good at that. But the finishing is something i really need to work on. Severely.

The pool at night. A small sample of my photography.

List 3:

Guiltiest pleasures.

1. Taking pictures of myself

2. Singing along to tunes i swear i hate.

3. Disney Channel

4. Crunchie Bars

5. Gossip magazines

6. Cheap drugstore makeup

7. Facebook

8. Mocking Hannah Montana

9. Criticizing celebrities

10. Ice-cream after exercise

11. Fountain cokes

12. Wasting my time on the computer

13. Copying ideas

14. Dancing with myself

List 5:

Things i want to do before summer:

1. Go to the botanic gardens more often.

2. Write letters back to all those people i haven't.

3. Be more optimistic. being pesimistic is sorta suck-ish.

4. Be able to jump on roller skates.

5. Master making crepes.

6. Stop wasting time on mindless and pointless websites (facebook, more specifically)

7. Stop eating about, hmm... 12 cinnamon cookies an hour?

8. Finish a decent book about something important.

too bad summers in a month.
I have a lot to do.