Monday, April 19, 2010

Alice, don't be late.

Please, while the tea is still hot.
MY friend, Mackenzie, is one of the sweetest person in the world, if that makes sense. In other words, i love her. VERY much.
And in a result to that passion, i made her a tea party full of WonderfullyWonderland oriented decorations.

I undoubtedly had the least imaginative and boring costume, though i would like to add i supplied Alice, The Queen of Hearts AND the Mad Hatter with their costumes.
YES, i do happen to own that hat.
IF you haven't already sensed by now, I'm in love with Alice in wonderland. I love the costumes, the unpredictable adventures. How it wasn't really a dream, but she believes it is. It cause so much excitement when Tim Burton's preview came out in like November, i practically pissed myself in excitement.
Need for concern?

The jam tarts were the best part, i gotta say. And yeah, the Hatter said
"YOU'RE LATE FOR TEA!" and of course threw a scone at her. Or maybe it was a spoon?

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